5 Best Foam Guns for 2022[Buying Guide]

Now we have friends that would go days, even weeks, without a shower. But their precious cars- never! They love to wash them and keep them squeaky clean, with the paint job and the silver shining from miles apart!

best foam gun

But sometimes, getting these cars into the car wash drive-throughs can be a huge inconvenience. Even trying self-service and going elbow-down the soap water to foam them up for the perfect at-home cleaning isn’t always possible. If you have had the same issues, it’s time for a better cleaning alternative: your very own washers!

This is why we picked up 5 of the best foam guns for your car to do cleaning and washing a breeze of a task. It will not only speed up your washing routine but also make it more enjoyable. And the bonus? It won’t drag off the paint but give you enough time for the chemicals to ward off the dirt resulting in the perfect shine every time!

Top pick:

Best Overall: Chemical Guys ACC326 Foam Wash Gun

“An easy to use foam gun for cleaning cars to clean all around the house that connects to just about any standard garden hose.”

Best Budget Range: Blisstime Foam Lance Car Wash

“Standard specifications with quick connect and disconnect that is cheaper than most foam guns.”

Best Durable & Premium: Adam’s Standard Foam Gun

“For those starting out to wash cars by themselves the first time and to make it more enjoyable & its cleaning power is very impressive.”

Best Combo Kit: Chemical Guys HOL148 16-Piece Car Wash Kit

“More than bucket, soap, and towels: a perfect combination kit for beginners as well as professionals in car washing.”

Best Cost Effective: Clean Car USA Deluxe Car Wash Sprayer

“A real deal that lasts months with the same quick release finish that can give expensive foam cannon brands a run for their money.”

5 Best Foam Gun For Your Car

Here are the detailed reviews on the best foam guns:

1. Chemical Guys ACC326 Torq Blaster Foam Wash Gun

The creator of Super Suds, as they call it, the Foam Blaster by Chemical Guys is a cult favorite when it comes to foam guns. Just like its name, the Foam Blaster is an exceptionally adept tool when it comes to spraying your car off with just the right amount of foam.

And with this many suds and the plethora of features that it has to offer, the tool is made to make your car washing experience not only easy but also fun. Here’s a summary of the key features that makes it the top of the list today.

Unique Features

Compatibility: This easy and fun foam gun is compatible with any garden hose. Meaning, it can make any car cleaning a proper, foamed-up cleaning due to its attachment versatility with any garden hose of standard measures. You don’t need any other tools for the connection!

Right for Detailers: One of the toughest requirements of the detailer is ensuring there are no dirty places and no grinding of the paintwork when cleaning the car. The Torq Blaster 6 lets the foam sit nicely.

No-Scratch: Improper car washing always causes issues with scratching and swirling on the car surface. But cleaning with this foam wash gun saves the paint!

Adjustable: The foam concentration can be amped up to your liking with the adjustable dilution ratio of the gun.

Things We Like:

  • Versatile enough to clean the exterior of the house.
  • No damage to exterior lights, trims and seals with the right pressure from garden hose and foam bottle.
  • Quick disconnect attachment on the pistol-like handle.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive and hence not suited for everyone.

2. Chemical Guys HOL148 16-Piece Car Wash Kit

Another one from Chemical guys that is suitable for everyone, from someone who started as a car cleaning hobbyist, taking after Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, or someone who takes car cleaning as a profession. And what’s more, it has more than just the foam gun!

You get everything from Signature Glass Cleaner, Butter Wet Wax, Honeydew Snow Foam, Silk Shine Dressing, Speed Wipe Detailer, Detailing Bucket, Cyclone Dirt Trap Foam Gun, and much more!

However, the Torq Foam Blaster here has a capacity of 16 Oz, half that of the original Foam Blaster 6! That would be acceptable given that you are getting loads of other treasure equipment in the pack!

Unique Features

Great value: Buying each of the individual items would be so much of a hassle. But thanks to this value pack, you can get everything in one frame and include everyone in the house in the cleaning process and make it more enjoyable!

Auto Shampoo Included: Designed specifically for cars, the Honeydew shampoo gives you copious amounts of thick, gentle foam whose hyper surfactants protect paintwork and ensure a scratch-free wash.

Innovative: The dirt trap technology of Chemical Guys keeps the dirt collected in the bucket separate from the wash water, so you have to make fewer visits to the washroom to change the dirty water.

Wheel cleaning: You can clean off the dirt from any painted wheel, polished metal wheel, chrome-finish/anodized/powder-coated wheel without destroying any of the delicate finish with the Diablo Gel. Not only car ones, but even trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles also can now have the perfectly clean rim and wheels!

Things We Like:

  • Effortless cleaning with the ultra-soft brush included in the kit.
  • The foam apparatus can be quickly disconnected to reveal a clean, spot-free car.
  • Lasts long, even when used in the richest setting.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The mitt needs improving.
  • More buckets should be added.

3. Clean Car USA Deluxe Car Wash Sprayer

Imagine hours and hours of dragging the soap water bucket across, only to end up in a car not so squeaky clean. And there also remains the scary chance of marring and scratching the paintwork!

In the circumstances such as this, wouldn’t you want a precision spray handle and device that would let you rinse and thoroughly clean your vehicle? Of course, you would! And what if it can beat the big shots at a lower price point? Let’s dig in!

Unique features

Controlled pressure: Your regular garden hose can turn into a foaming washer device with this foam hun. It gives you a controlled, steady low pressure but plenty of suds to clean things up instantly.

Calibrated: You don’t need to guess on the soap and water mixture, thanks to the calibration on the bottle on how much of what to keep and mix!

Leakage-free: The rubber seal on the bottle ensures a precision fit to let you spray and twist and point without any leakage of suds or water.

Things We Like:

  • Encapsulates dust and dirt with a good coat.
  • Continual spray that keeps the suds up as you move on to foam the rest of the car.
  • No need to unscrew the plastic container; the disconnect can help you rinse with the hose instantly.
  • No buckets necessary as the same thing can give you both soapy and clean water.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not give you a thick foam.

4. Blisstime Foam Lance Car Wash

Compared to the Torq Blaster that comes with just the foam gun and the Chemical Guys Car Wash Kit that comes with 16-pieces, Blisstime strikes a balance just above the Torq Blaster. That’s right, it comes with one very useful product in cleansing, even more, needed than the buckets: a mitt washcloth!

This foam cannon lets you clean stains and rinse dirt better than most foam guns and is as good as some expensive ones!

Unique features

Thick Foam: You can create thick and delicate foams with this gun within a very short time. The volume of the foam output is adjustable too. So you can use the flow control knob to your taste!

Durable: The premium brass connectors used in the foam gun, with ¼ inches of quick disconnect fitting, make it long-lasting for rounds of a car wash.

Handy bottle: The bottle in the foam gun is uncrackable, scratch-proof, semi-transparent to let you see the mixture inside and anticorrosive, all in one. The thickness of the bottle comes from high-quality material used to give you a long-lasting foam gun.

Things We Like:

  • Has a sturdy nozzle that lets you spray to the cracks and crevices of the dirty car.
  • Cuts down the time from a contact wash.
  • Very easy to attach and control foam volume.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Uses a lot of soap for each car.

5. Adam’s Standard Foam Gun

If you are just starting out the car cleaning business or have recently decided to switch from contact washing to foam gun washing, Adam’s Foam Gun is a great place to start.

The best option for beginners as well as the pro-people. It’s an exclusive item whose parts and components are readily available.

With a brand like ADAM that is known for providing plenty of adapter options, so you know they are going to fit anywhere, beginners would benefit from a choice that is both easy to understand and use.

Even if it doesn’t work with one pressure washer, you can adapt it to work without having to eliminate the foam cannon altogether.

Unique features

Durable Construction: The cannon is made rust-proof, and the brass construction makes it very durable to sustain plenty of car care rounds. It is even provided with a larger bottle to help you clean the entire car in one go!

Nozzle Adjustability: The spray nozzle is not only easy to use but also easy to adjust. It can generate enough foam to cover up your whole car and ease the cleaning process by reaching precision areas and blasting off the dirt.

It can also be used to give you a fan pattern and produce a stream of water to clean larger vehicles.

Versatile use: It can be used for more than your cars: on the roof, sideways, windows, dirty porches, and much more!

Things We Like:

  • Heavy brass construction for durable use.
  • Dilution ratio can be adjusted to generate great thick or thin foam.
  • Can change both the water/soap ratio as well as the water pattern for excellent pre-soaking.
  • Produces a lot of suds.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The connector needs to improve as it least in some cases.

What Foam Gun Is All About

There has been a growing demand for attachments that connect the adapters of your garden hose to industrial-strength nozzles. If you have seen any such connection, you already know what a foam gun is.

With the combined result of the spraying nozzle, the tank, and the hose, the device made is called a foam gun.

But what’s all this hype about foam guns anyway? That is actually from the threefold task that foam guns can accomplish: mixing car soap and water, spreading a thick foam layer, and cutting down on car wash time.

For those who do not have a pressure washer or do not know how to operate or set the right settings on it, and for those who don’t like to use a regular garden hose that just pours water, a foam gun is a necessary requirement for car proper washing.

If you are looking for a learning guide about how to wax a car and you can get the guide here.

So, What Is A Foam Cannon?

Now all the things that a foam gun can do: mixing suds, applying a thick, foamy layer on your car, and eventually helping you to wash it: all three tasks can be done by a foam cannon too. And this is exactly where the confusion lies. If it does the same thing, what is a foam cannon, and why is it separately named then?

Washing your car with only a hose, sprayer and nozzle gave way to a new requirement: how can car washing be made faster with better results? Attaching a pressure washer instead of a hose seemed to do the job for many. And you had it: the foam cannon!

The main difference that you should know between a foam gun and a foam cannon is the pressure washer.

So does it really give you more speed? Yes, at the rate of 1-5 gallons per minute, depending on your speed of use. So you can get faster, thicker, and richer foam.

Reasons for Using Foam Guns or Cannons

The reasons for using foam guns or cannons are mentioned below:

Takes less soap and water to clean

When you draw water from the pressure washer to the foam cannon soap bottle and mix it with the water, you are readily using the mixture instead of having to waste it. But if you were doing the regular soap and water cleaning, you would have to change the water and bucket every time it became too dirty to prevent the dirt from attaching back to your car.

Faster cleaning

When you use mitt and dish soap, you have to reach for and cover every nook and cranny of your vehicle to keep it clean. The crevices that don’t get the suds mixture will keep storing the dirt for ages to come and never be properly clean. But with a gun or cannon, you can reach any corner by bending and pointing there.

Storing facilities

You can never store the soap water in a bucket for future use. But when you use a foam gun or cannon, you can always keep the remaining mixture out for the next use!

More convenience

You don’t need to carry multiple items together when you are using a foam cannon. For a long while, you will need only the mixture, microfiber cloth (or not if you choose to air dry), and the gun, and you’re done!


You can not only use foam guns or cannons to clean your car but also for lawn furniture, dirty porches, around the house grounds, roofs, trailers, and other vehicles.

Using Method of Foam Cannons

Generally, this is how you’re supposed to use a foam cannon:

  • First, what you will need is a foam cannon, pressure washer, and some soap and water mixture or snow foam. (More on snow foam application will follow later.) Most people prefer to use foams instead of regular soap water. In all circumstances, the foam should be compatible with your foam cannon.
  • Every packaging will have dilution ratios. Read that and mix the solution. You can experiment with the ratio to find your right cleaning point.
  • Now, gently add warm water to the very soapy/very foamy mixture. You can do it on top of your sink to avoid making a mess from the overflow!
  • Then, instead of shaking the bottle to make more foam, stir it and put the connector/lid back on. If you mistakenly or purposefully shake the mixture, you’ll create more foam and waste products.
  • It is now time to tie the pressure washer lance with the connector of this foam cannon.
  • With a secure connection, you can now start soaking your car in this soapy mixture. You should start from the top of the car and make your way down. So even if the mixture drips from the top, it goes to other sections on the lower end of the car instead of going to waste. For contact washing along with cannon washing, you have to position the foam cannon lower in order to clean the car properly.
  • Let the mixture sit on the car surface till recommended.
  • It’s time for a cleanup! Use water or clean the car as you would with contact washing and wipe it off with a washcloth or let it air dry.

Setting the Foam Cannon

There are two different kinds of setting components that you can have when working with a foam cannon. One of them is the air intake dial, and the other is the spray nozzle setting.

Now there are people who prefer thick foam and people who prefer thin foam layers. Thick foam layers may apparently feel like you are dumping a lot of cleaning agents, and hence the car will come out clean. Again thinner layers may let you see where and how much you’re putting on the surface of the car, and if needed, add more to that. Depending on whether you want thick or thin foam layers, you have to adjust the air intake dial.

When you increase the air intake, and you reduce the water, you get thick foams. Decreasing the air and increasing the water give you a thinner foam with fewer bubbles.

There is another way to change the foam thickness or thinness for your car. That is, by playing with the dilution ratio. The more you adjust it below or above, the thinner or thicker foam you get depending on that ratio.

Another setting that we were talking about was the spray nozzle setting. You can pick between a narrow and a wide fan. Why is fab adjustment necessary? Because this can help you to work with different kinds of vehicles. A bicycle will not require the same spray settings as a car would. So a narrower spray is better for smaller target areas like a cycle, and the opposite is true for larger vehicles.

Applying Foam to Your Car

In order to learn specifically how to apply foam to your car, you have to do the following:

  • In a one-liter bottle, add two inches of snow foam liquid. This liquid should be strong enough to take on bug splatters and road grimes but is gentle enough to not ruin the delicate paint finishes.
  • Now, fill the rest of the bottle with tap water and secure it.
  • As discussed already, the thickness of the foam can be fixed by the nozzle spray, the air intake dial, and also by how close to the car you are standing in.
  • You can apply the foam from the top of the car to the bottom and build layers in the bottom as that part is more susceptible to grime and dirt.
  • Then, you will let the car soak in this mixture for 5 minutes, more or less, depending on the manufacturer’s requirements. Make sure the foam-drying doesn’t happen under the sun.
  • Now wash the car as you would. Remember, snow foam isn’t a miraculous fix, and you will do some form or other of contact wash after you foam-clean. So turn off the power wash when you think now is the time to use mittens, and you should be done!

Difference Between Foam Cannon and Foam Gun

As mentioned before, both the foam gun and the foam cannon can give you three basic activities. Whether you use the best foam gun without a pressure washer or the best foam cannon with one, they are eventually going to remove the bird droppings, debris, dirt, and bugs from the car surface after loosening up the contaminants. They will pre-soak and prepare the vehicle for a final water wash.

However, the basic difference between the two is the use of a pressure washer and richer foam.

But does richer foam mean good cleaning? Now, there is no science to back it up that more foam implies better cleaning. Just as you would think with shampoos and face cleansers and detergents. They could make less suds and still make you clean. So, is more foam really making the difference?

Foam cannons are generally preferred by detail-oriented and professional users. That is because be it electric pressure washers or gas models, they let more foam spread on the surface in a shorter span and often offer high quality pre-soaking the car. But that does not imply that a pressure washer with foam cannon is a must for car cleaning and washing.

If you own a regular garden hose, your best bet would be a foam gun. That is more economical. But if you have access to a pressure washer and you have an accelerated volume of water, investing in a foam lance or is a better switch from foam gun bottles.

Buying Guide for the Best Foam Gun

Follow this guide before you make your next purchase:

Types of Foam Cannons

Your foam cannon can be any of the three types: Quick Release, Adjustable and Interchangeable. A quick-release cannon is more common. On it, you’ll find a quarter of an inch male fitting that will connect with most of the pressure washer wands that people own. It can easily switch between rinsing and washing.

An adjustable foam cannon has an adjustable foam ratio and an adjustable fan/spray pattern. You can either choose to hit the entire vehicle with a fan pattern or rough target wheels with a spray pattern.

Interchangeable cannons are those which give you different angles of nozzle spray: 15, 25, and 40. These are most suitable for precision spray cleaning.


Once you have decided on the type, here are two requirements that you need to check: Gallons Per Minute, which is the water flow rate, and Pounds per Square Inch, which is the pressure rate. The most common options are 2 GPM and 1000-3000 PSI.

Bottle Dimension

The spray bottle can be designed ergonomically with a scuba tank body. Some have a narrow neck and wide bottom. The type of bottle depends on the shape of the foam cannon. Typically, you get a capacity of 16-34 Oz on these.

Water Spray Pattern

This is important if you want to direct the water concentration to one particular area or allow it to sprinkle all over the car. Both the pressure washer and the spray cannon should have the same pattern compatibility.

Snow Foam

Choosing the right snow foam is important, as it helps to clean even better than a car shampoo! You will find these clinging to the dirt of your car without causing trouble to the paint job. This is why always pick a pH-neutral formula.

Dilution Ratio

Your foam cannon should have the ability to switch up and mix the ratio of soap/foam/shampoo to water to let you control the foam spreading.


Q: Does a foam cannon actually work?
A: Yes, a foam cannon works attached with a pressure washer.

Q: Does foam clean better than regular car cleansers?
A: Of course! They can give you both a targeted and wide cleansing that is suitable for your car.

Q: Can you use any brand of car wash soap in a foam cannon?
A: You may, but the best kind is Honeydew Foam by Chemical Guys.

Q: How can I make a foam cannon foamier?
A: More foam will eventually waste the product if you use up more than required. But shaking instead of stirring the mixture of snow foam and water will give you more foam.

Q: Which is better between the two: foam or liquid soap?
A: It is a personal preference. But foam soaps of the right quality that are pH balanced, clean better than liquid soaps.

Q: Does foaming soap help to kill germs?
A: While the dirt will be gone, these do not work as antiseptics or germ killers specifically. But cleansing should remove the germs.

Final Words

Finally, you have reached the end of the article! If we were to name two of the best foam guns, we would recommend you to the Clean Car USA Deluxe Car Wash Sprayer as this is the best market alternative to high-end brands with its leakage-free usage, controlled pressure, and calibrated mixing ability.

Another option would be to pick the Chemical Guys HOL148 16-Piece Car Wash Kit that is a great value for money, is innovative, and is good for any vehicle and any user! You can pick from the two or use our guide to buy the right foam gun for your car!

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