5 Best Orbital Polisher For Car [2022]

Is your car lacking the shine you’ve always desired? Well, perhaps it’s time for you to get the best orbital polisher for fine-tuning. Recover the lost shine with each touch. This magic weapon is one of the essential tools which can be used to your advantage for a great polished-looking car any day!

best orbital polisher

How your car appears in public is essential. In this day and age of self-branding, your value depends on the things you use and how they appear. Take it however you want, but it’s the truth that people love to judge a book by its cover, and later they may want to know about what it has inside.

But the front has to be aesthetically pleasing first! A car is your regular companion and indeed an identity creator, so it needs to look great no matter what!

Our Top Pick

DEWALT Buffer/ Polisher

  • Highly durable build, with a ball-bearing construction that sustains a lasting heavy use & lasts a lot of years.
  • Offers a 600-3500 RPM variable speed management system for selecting the right speed value for each special task
  • Undoubtedly one of the best if not the best car polisher of our time and enjoys an unparalleled reputation in the market.
  • An intelligent wool ingestion shield protects the product from microscopic agents to get in.

Best Orbital Polisher Review & Buying Guide

Here in our long and analytical guide, we’d be looking at some of the best car buffers you’d find right now in the market. Let’s have a detailed understanding regarding each item now!

1. Chemical Guys TOROX Orbital Polisher : BEST KIT

First on our list is the Chemical Guys car buffer. Well, if having a positive reputation is something you prioritized, then here it is!

This exclusive product has been one of the most appreciated tools and deserves a thorough introspection!

If you’re tired of scratches and swirls on the body and want to get them rid of with one of the authentic tools, then TOROX is something you should bring!

Remember this item is made for the professional, so get it only if you’re highly interested in getting cars polished by yourself all the time!

Get this 2800-7800 RPM 700watt heavy-duty device for a desired detailing and extraordinary polishing experience quickly!

Further, the highly durable build quality comes with a lasting experience that you’d always want from a professional grade buffer.

Apart from countless positives, we’d like you to know one minor flaw before going ahead. One peculiar issue which you may find slightly problematic is its switch placements. For instance, the on/off and speed dialer seems to be in hard-to-reach places, which can get a bit problematic to deal with during operation.

Keeping aside the slight issue, the polisher seems to work outstandingly well and should certainly be an excellent addition to the inventory!

Things We Like:

  • It helps remove scratches and swirls
  • Professional grade device for experts
  • 2800-7800 RPM extraordinary speed
  • Highly durable for lasting performance

Things We Didn’t Like:

  •  Switch placements can seem slightly awkward

2. Avid Power Buffer Polisher : BEST BUDGET

This is yet another greatly admired model and certainly one of the industry-leading tools right now. Let us find out what this premium machine comes equipped with.

This one comes with a diverse application field. From wiping out swirls to removing and reducing scratches and defects from your vehicle’s outer body, leaving your vehicle all new and shiny instantly!

On top of it, you also have the freedom to choose a particular speed for each operation that is being done. Because they offer you six different speed presets from 1500-6800 RPM, which can be used for specialized purposes.

For instance, use a lower speed preset for buffing while medium for a good polish and finally max out for eliminating oxidation and defects.

Its body comes wrapped in rubber while the handle has an ergonomic shape coming both the factor, you’d get the optimum grip control during use!

Being a bit too powerful, its sound and vibration can sometimes cause you to have a detesting experience. But all in all, this is undoubtedly one of the best cheap car buffers or polishers you can find right now!

Things We Like:

  • Outstanding performance in reducing scratch and defect marks
  • 6 level speed optimization for each task with easy maneuver
  • Quality grip control
  • Eliminates oxidation

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Heavy noise and vibration can cause a bit of disrupt

3. PORTER-CABLE Orbital Polisher : BEST SPEED

Third, on our list is Porter Cable’s high-end polisher for a shiny finish. It features swirl-free polishing for your car to glow.

This one too comes with variable speed presets from 2500-6800 OPM, which offer a more selective speed output for particular tasks.

It also introduces the counterbalance and two-position removable side handles for superior & easy handling and better grip potential.

Warranty is one of the highly crucial factors that can influence consumer decision-making. Perhaps keeping that particular issue in mind, Porter-Cable is standing behind their product.

They’re offering an extended three-year limited warranty, on top of its one-year service, completely free of cost.

But, like any item in the market, this too has one or two downsides that you should consider before heading forward. Excess vibration is something that can seem a little disrupting with the added sound.

Yet, if you look at the item from an overall perspective, the drawbacks would seem relatively negligible. All in all, For a personal car polishing at the garage, it can’t get better than this!

Things We Like:

  • Swirl free & amp; easy polishing ability
  • Let’s users manually select the speed ratio for each task
  • It offers a three-year-long lucrative warranty policy
  • Counterbalance mechanism and side handles to improve grip

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Excessive vibration and noise can be an issue


If you’ve been waiting for the best orbital polisher, then this is undoubtedly the one should look into. It enjoys an unparalleled reputation and is indeed an item you can go for at without hesitation!

Coming with all ball-bearing manufacturing, it offers a lasting service that is worth the investment.

You get a consistent speed variable with this device without any sudden increase or decrease. As a result, you get a silky smooth shine for an outstanding appearance.

Its’ warranty scheme is something out of the ordinary, featuring a year-long free service, 90-day money-back, and three-year-long limited warranty; this certainly is one of the desired offers around right now!

Equipped with a smartly engineered wool ingestion shield mechanism, it stops any wool particles from getting inside, which is a significant contributor to expanding its lifespan!

It doesn’t have many negatives to talk about, almost like an inch-perfect product. Only its shape may seem a bit too large to be used with small appliances. But apart from minor issues such as that, this certainly is one of the best car buffers for beginners to bring home now!

Things We Like:

  • Superior build quality for a sturdy finish
  • Features a smooth, silky shine like nobody else
  • Out of the world warranty scheme
  • Wool ingestion shield protects the device from wools getting in

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It can seem a bit too large

5. Meguiar’s MT300 Dual Action Orbital Polisher : BEST PREMIUM

Our final item on the list is Meguiar’s MT300 car polisher. Let’s find out the inner mechanisms it comes equipped with.

First, this unique item’s design comes with a super ergonomic outer design, giving you a far better grip and easy control for anyone to work with.

Suppose you’re tired of the car having scratches, swirls, and other related issues, resulting in a scrappy appearance. In that case, this intelligently engineered device can quickly help eliminate all these problems within a short period & make your work easy.

Furthermore, you also get the desired polishing for each type of task with its Digital Torque Management Systems and Adjustable Speed Setting ability. The speed can be adjusted from 3000-7500 OPM for different sorts of activities in one go!

One thing that makes it a bit challenging is its noise output. It can release a heavy noise during operation, which can be disrupting. But aside from minor flaws such as that, you should be okay with it on the whole. Get your hands on one of these for highly effective automated polishing any time!

Things We Like:

  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to control
  • Easily remove scratch marks
  • Personalized polishing with varied speed presets

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May release heavy noise during work

Benefits of Car Polishing

Car polishing comes with multitudes of benefits which we’d like to explain in detail right now. Let us quickly find them out.

It Can Wipe Out Scratch Marks

Every car owner knows the pain of getting scratch marks on their beloved rides. And once you get a deep one, it’s challenging to remove. They can indeed tarnish the complete appearance of an automobile.

But, with quality polishing, you can get rid of these irritating marks. On today’s roads with heavy traffic, it’s almost impossible to have an utterly scratch-free car for use. In this case, regular polishing comes as a savior.

Solves the Paint Related Issues

Countless ways are there through which the paintwork can deteriorate. Excessive and continuous heat from the sun can cause cars to fade their color. Moreover, the dirt, road tar, and grease and embed in the paint, increasing the possibility of rust and corrosion.

On top of that, suicidal bugs and bird droppings can also cause the paintwork to faint a bit.

But, with special polishing, you can counter all these unavoidable issues. You can never prevent these events from happening, but you’re taking post-action measures to recover the paintwork back to normal with polishing.

Vibrant Color and Adding Tremendous Shine

Polishing results in vibrant and breathtaking color output. Your cars’ paintwork is much more attractive and eye-catching after each polishing session. Furthermore, it adds an elegant glossy texture on top of the car, making it light up in a crowd. It’s challenging to achieve this stunning shine in any way other than effective polishing.

Makes You Stand Out

As we said earlier, having an excellent-looking car right now is a significant indicator of one’s personality and inner sophistication.

It’s a classy thing to drive around a shiny car all the time. It is a duty, a responsibility to look neat and sharp because of how our society is structured. And premium polishing offers you just that. It makes you stand out from the crowd in style!

orbital polisher

Types of Car Buffers/Polishers

Car buffers or polishers can be of two different kinds—the Rotary Buffer, the other one, or Orbital Polisher.

Here we’d like to reflect on both of the types in detail as professionals.

Rotary Polisher

Rotary buffers are similar to the angle grinders and many come with a side handle for a better press and grip. Usually, rotary polishers tend to be ⅝ inch in diameter. The inches may vary a tiny bit from brand to brand.

They have a circular rotation in a single direction. They’re known for their quick scratch removing abilities and are usually used with microfiber or wool.

Orbital Polisher

It mimics the actions of the dual-action random sanders. They usually feature an over-the-top handle. It has a multi-axis rotation mechanism involved and offers variable speed control.

They’re utilized chiefly to remove and reduce defects on the car surface. Unlike the rotary polisher, it’s not difficult to learn to maneuver it and takes only several minutes.

Random Orbital vs. Dual Action – What’s the Difference?

Well, by Orbital and Dual Action random, it’s mainly referred to as the directions of the polishers’ rotation. Let’s discuss more comprehensively:

Random Orbital

With random polishers, the polishing pads don’t require a fixed moving pattern. Because of this unfixed path of swings, it’s named the random orbital.

Dual Action

The dual-action random is the opposite of Random Orbital. It is engineered to give a fixed rotation path no matter what. During actions, Dual Action random never changes its rotational movements and stays unchanged.

Further, if you put enough pressure, Random Orbital would change its course. On the other hand, Dual Action random’s rotational pattern remains the same even when you’re hard pressing it against the car’s body.

If you are worried about how to make snow foam car wash, you can find the guide here.

Rotary Polisher vs. Random Orbital Polisher – What’s the Difference?

Let’s figure out the differences between rotary and random ones.

Rotary Polisher

Rotary polishers are unique in their functions. With the help of its direct-drive motor, it spins powerfully in a clockwise direction. Because of this motion and the use of a direct drive motor, rotary polishers are pretty fast. It gives an upper hand, especially while removing any marks.

Random Orbital Polisher

The random motors used in the construction give it different mechanisms in one go. Interestingly, the random orbital pads spin in a circle while the rotary pads oscillate during doing so.

This also has a clutch mechanism involved, which would prevent the pads from spinning if too much pressure is put on the pads, reducing the possibility of accidental scratches that damage the looks of your car.

The difference between the two in terms of the result is, Random Orbital is the safer option among the two and a lot less likely to create new scratch marks or swirls during its operation.

Buffing vs. Polishing: What’s the Difference?

We get to hear these two words often being linked with the other. But are they the same? They’re incredibly close terminologies, work like car wax, yet they’re slightly different from one another.


Buffing mainly refers to the finishing that uses loose abrasive to shine or correct the metallic surface, usually of a car (like car wax does) or other machines. You can utilize both orbital & rotary buffers to perform that. Any of the wool, foam, or fiber buffing pads can be used in both kinds of buffers.

The buffing pads make your work easier. Several buffing approaches are there, like cut buffing and color buffing. You can use color buffing for a mirror shine on the car.


Polishing, similarly to buffing, aims to get the same buffing results, like bringing in shine and glossy texture. But the actions of polishing can be seen as the primary or beginning steps of buffing, such as reducing oxidation and enhancing the protection. Wiping out water spots, cloudiness, or fading from the car are significant polishing actions.

Buying Guide to Get the Best Orbital Polisher

Getting a quality polisher from the market can be hectic. Researching and comparing every item would take an immense amount of time. That’s why to minimize time being wasted; we’ve prepared this buying guide to provide critical insights on getting the best quality product fast!

Ease of Use

As a beginner, this should be the topmost priority for you because first time polishing the car by yourself can seem highly challenging. And having a problematic device to learn the craft would complicate things a bit further.

That’s why we’d suggest you consult the manufacturer and make sure whether a starter would be able to handle the equipment easily!

Optimum Shine and Defect Correction

Then there’s the performance factor. If your product is performing well and giving you a quality shine and stunning glossy sensation, then it’s worth the money. Faster-paced and durable motor technology would be able to offer the shine you’ve been looking for.

Furthermore, do give proper emphasis on whether the device can remove scratch marks and correct oxidation or fading.

Personalized Speed Presets 

Do perform different sorts of actions, the speed at which the motor spins should be controlled. Each action has a required spinning measurement, and for the best results, you’d have to abide by it.

That’s why always buy a product that lets you change the speed measurements. Get buffers or polishers that have a wide range of speed presets that would let you perform various actions as a result.

Grip and Control

The exterior design is another heavily essential factor you should and must consider. If the buffer is designed correctly, you should be able to grip it properly. Fixing swirls and scratches can take time, and if you’re not able to hold the equipment properly, it won’t be of any use.

That’s why it’s always mandatory to go for ergonomically designed polishers for optimum grip and better handling during operation.

Warranty Scheme

Finally, being electrical products, you should be concerned whether they come with a satisfactory warranty scheme.

Many premium-grade professional polisher manufacturers offer three-year-long limited, and one-year service warranties; some even offer a money-back guarantee for a short period. As you now know, don’t settle anywhere more minor than this.

If you can manage to find out polishers with all the mentioned qualities available, that would surely be one of the best orbital polishers.


Can I polish my car by hand?

Yes, you can polish by hand, but it would take long periods while not getting the mechanized polishers’ perfection.

Can you use a buffer on your car’s windows?

Orbital buffers can be used to clean the car’s windows, although it may require a different sort of padding.

How do you use an orbital buffer?

Add slight polish on the pad of orbital buffer. Press the pad against the car’s surface while turning the device on. Touch upon a large portion of area light so that product can spread. Don’t forget to cover the trunk lid or rocker panel.

Are there any other reasons a random orbital polisher would be your first choice in a car polisher?

There can be plenty of reasons to pick a random polisher. One of the reasons is they help remove and reduce scratch marks, and another one is they feature lasting shine.

What to Know About Car Polish Buffers?

Learn a couple of things before purchase. Always prioritize durability and user-friendliness. Finally, get one with speed profiles and better grip control.

Will a car polisher ruin my car paint?

It can ruin the pain if done in the wrong way. So follow the proper guidelines.

How do orbital buffers work?

The best orbital polisher buffer works in multiple ways. They clean out scratches and swirls by vibrating and oscillating and orbiting.

Final Thought

Our highly comprehensive guide followed up on a large array of different polishing and buffing activities. We’ve recounted the various ways of polishing and demonstrated the subtle differences and specialties between them. A long and detailed analysis of highly sophisticated polishers was also added.

Overall, the entire guide reflects a complete picture of the market scenario and works as an effective guideline for potential consumers.

Polishing the car regularly helps maintain the glow and the shine, and you can drive through the crowd in style every time! So pick the best orbital polisher and surprise the friends and colleagues with a classy shine every day.

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