How To Charge An ATV Battery With Car Charger! [Easy Guide]

Have you ever had an utterly frustrating situation where nothing but stomping your feet on the ground seemed like the only good option? Like, running out of gas in the middle of nowhere or an engine failure in the dead of the night when you’re about to attend emergencies? We know the feeling too.

how to charge an atv battery with car charger

These weirdly unwanted mishaps happen when you least expect them. And the moment your ATV dies, you may not have any other option than cursing. But if you have your CTEK car charger, you need not worry so bad. Because this is where we teach you how to charge an ATV battery with car charger!

What You Will Need

To make things work for your ATV battery, you will need the following:

  • Electrician boots that actually work and can save you from accidents.
  • Heavy-duty electrician gloves for the same reason.
  • Protective goggles.
  • A set of a socket wrench and
  • Jumper cables.

How to charge an ATV battery with car charger

In order to do that, follow our 6-step guide:


Before you do anything that requires you to touch electric wires and cables, you should prepare yourself. By preparation, we actually mean precaution, not preparing yourself to be taken down by accident!

Anyway, start with getting your boots and gloves on your feet and hands to save yourself from being electrocuted.

If things get worse, and we hope it doesn’t, you’ll see sparks flying. For that reason, it is essential to have your protective goggles on too. Make sure that you are wearing dry clothes and there are no metallic wristwatches and rings on your hand.

Remove seat

Most cars usually have ATV batteries located right under the seats. So if you want to work with them, you will need to remove your car seat. In order to remove the bolts on your car seat, you will need to use socket wrenches.

This dude is pretty easy to work with, and after you’re done removing the bolt, just slightly push your seat out backward, and you will have it dislocated to reveal the battery!

Locate car

This is the time for plugging! You will need to have the car battery near the ATV battery. While you do it, you are protected because we taught you so well, but there’s another thing you need to make sure of. The area where you are placing both the batteries needs to be dry.

car charger where locate a car

One thing where some people mess up is trying to turn on a car to see if the car battery can still work well while the ATV batteries are charging. Never ever make this mistake as the key on will burn your ATV battery due to the car’s high voltage.

Your car is only supposed to sit still, not go for a drive when you are doing these steps!

Connect wires

This is where you are supposed to connect the jumper cables. Follow these steps:

  • With the positive terminal of the car, connect the red wire.
  • Now, with the negative terminal of the car, connect the black wire.
  • Next, take this black cable and use it to connect to the ATV battery’s frame, not the negative terminal of it, or else you will be seriously electrocuted. So this grounding is an essential step of the whole guide. Do not, even by mistake, connect the ATV’s negative terminal with the other end of the black cable.
  • After that, take the other end of the red cable and connect it to the ATV battery’s positive terminal. In no way should the cables collide.
jumper cables

Charge and Ignite ATV

Now is the time to finally charge the ATV battery. The charging will take place naturally. And for heaven’s sake, don’t turn on the car engine! Let the charging happen for a couple of minutes until you start the ignition.

To see if your ATV battery is ready, you will now need to start the ignition. Push the button and check if your ATV starts. If it does, you did the steps well, and there is ample charge for you to carry on. If not, simply wait for the charge to be full.

Remove Cables

Here’s the hardest part of the entire process. You will now need to remove the cables that you connected the ATV and the car with. The first step is to make sure you can actually do this because miscalculations may cost you.

And you will need to go stepwise, so:

  • Remove the black cable from the negative end of the car battery.
  • Now remove the black cable from the ATV frame.
  • Next, take out the red cable from the car first.
  • Then take the red cable from the ATV positive end, and the jumper cables are free!

Safety Guide

You will need to follow these safety steps in order to be happily out of the mess of charging ATVs:

  • You always need to be calm and quiet and have no sudden sounds or distractions when working with electricity. If you think this peace is not possible from where you’re at, and you will not be able to keep your cool, don’t engage in this work.
  • Fill your ATV battery with distilled water if there is none or less of it. Always make sure that there is adequate water in the battery.
  • Make sure that the cables do not collide and that you have ample space to do the work in proper ventilation. Enclosed areas may cause cable collisions, making you more susceptible to accidents.
  • Sort out the wires and their connecting points well. If you do not know which point goes with which cable, do not attempt these on hunches and guesses.

Final Words

This was your ultimate and quick guide on how to charge your ATV battery with car charger. If you had been careful, we let out some disclaimers and safety precautions that you must follow throughout the steps.

If this is not possible, wait for a car mechanic or a professional. And you have enough knowledge, now’s the time to start charging that long-unused ATV battery. So get started with the steps!

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