How to Charge RV Battery From Vehicle (Complete Guide)

When you’re going out for a trip, never forget to learn how to charge RV battery from vehicle. Because when the battery runs out, the entire journey is halted, completely tarnishing the joy and the excitement. It redirects you to fix the dead battery instead of doing something more fun!

how to charge rv battery from vehicle

That’s why charging up the RV battery is highly crucial, as it helps you sustain a long trip on the field. Suppose you know and vividly understand the entire process.

In that case, it’d become crystal clear in front of your eyes, and after that, getting the batteries charged whenever needed won’t seem like rocket science anymore! Let’s try and figure out the complete operation quickly.

How to Charge RV Battery From Vehicle

In the following sessions, we’ll show you how the entire task can be done in a step-by-step manner. Let’s begin!

Be Cautious

The first thing you’d need to keep in mind is security. Safety comes first, then anything else. And that’s why you’d have to keep the issue of overloading in mind.

If you want to make sure such a thing never occurs, you can put in an EMS device with surge protection.

Use a Converter

The most basic charging methods include getting the batteries hooked up to the grid power using a converter. You can use either a 30 or a 50 amp outlet at public charging locations such as state or national parks.

You can also utilize your home grid to power the batteries up for a more extended output.

Charge Using DC to DC Battery Charger

This is another intelligent technique you can power up the low battery to a certain extent. Usually, you connect to the AC outlets using a 50 or 30 Amp converter, but you won’t require such a tool with this process. You can directly charge the battery up without any need for different converters.

Solar Power Can Work

Being a source of reusable and clean energy, solar is perhaps the most efficient method of charging. It doesn’t require continuous spending, nor does it need the hassle of refueling. Being clean, soundless, and smokeless, solar is undoubtedly the primary choice for energy needs worldwide.

And with RVers too, solar power is getting more and more popular each day.

They’re highly well known for their charging capability. You’d just need to get a voltage regulator in between the trailer battery and the solar panels.

As a result, you’d get a trickle charging or better than this continuously. But the amount of charging would depend on the solar panel’s wattage output.

solar power

The solar panel would reduce your dependence on shoreline energy and make RV traveling more self-sufficient.

Utilizing the Generators

Another standard method of charging up an RV battery is through generators. Rv’ers usually use various sorts of generators. They are gas, propane, and diesel generators, to name a few, as they produce power similar to the grid power mechanism. You can follow the charging strategy with the grid power while getting the RV batteries accused of generators. 

The generator can run the AC appliances of your RV straight from the primary source. But just as providing power to the regular AC-powered devices, it can also continue charging up the battery simultaneously. This dual powering/charging method can be one of the most convenient ways to charge up the vehicle without any hassle. So, this can be done by any regular RVer.

Alternator is Another Usable Medium

Your vehicle’s alternator can be used to store up the power on the 12v battery. It follows the similar patterns of the motorhome house batteries.

Alternator, as its name suggests functions by converting the mechanical power to electric energy. The chief production of energy occurs with the rotating belt and while the engine is running.

This is one unique method of charging up the battery without cost. The mechanical energy generated due to moving forward is used to charge up the battery. As a result, it also serves as an autonomous power generation mechanism. As a result, it’d also cut the fuel cost down to a minimum while reducing the negative environmental impact of using too much fuel and generating harmful outputs.

Energy from the Wind

Have you wondered how fun it would be if you could charge up the batteries using the free power from the wind? Well, this is something that can also be done!

energy from the wind

People also perform this intelligent mechanism. But it has a specific condition behind it. If you want to do this with your RV, too, it needs to be near an area that is windy enough. Without an adequate supply of wind, it won’t work at all.

It’s more similar to solar power generation. Like solar power, charging batteries with the wind doesn’t require any fuel and won’t produce any leftovers. As a result, it’s an equally cost-effective and environmentally clean alternative.

Your wind turbines would go into the charge controller, processing and converting the energy in this particular case. After that, it would send the processed power properly into your RV battery.

One thing you should remember is that it’s not allowed to use wind turbines while driving. Doing this can lead to severe consequences as well as get you into legal complexities. So, always be cautious about this.

To Sum Up

So, you now know the different mechanisms, as we have explained many clever techniques on how to charge RV battery from the vehicle. Getting the RV batteries charged isn’t a challenging task to perform, but it requires technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of the matter.

Good RV charging means an entertaining trip without the hindrance of blackouts and emergency stops on the road. So, learn the various methods of charging up the RV battery and get the buttery smooth long rides every time!

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