How to Hook Up Two 12 Volt Batteries in an RV!

If you want to rev up your RV, then everyone desires connecting multiple batteries can be the solution. That’s why you should know how to hook up two 12 volt batteries in an RV. Everything inside the RV is running on batteries.

how to hook up two 12 volt batteries in an rv

From your newly bought 4k TV to the fridge or washing machine. The batteries run all these for a convenient, off-grid touring opportunity. You get a continuous supply of portable energy without needing to stay connected to the local grid system.

On top of it, if you’re a pro ever and have been engaged in it for quite some time, you already know that lead-acid batteries are not supposed to be drained under 50%.

For that reason, the need for stored energy is high for those who use the best RV. It offers a long duration of power backup while helping the user from potential battery damage due to exceeding the draining limit.

How to Hook Up Two 12 Volt Batteries in an RV  

Here is our detailed guide regarding the topic if you want to learn how this trick can be done. We’d try to present our understanding of the entire issue comprehensively so you can replicate the process without hindrance.

Things to Keep in Mind

Well, getting several 12v RV batteries wired together can get slightly puzzling. But with proper instructions and guidelines, this challenge can be overcome.

Our primary target would be to wire the batteries in parallel, so there strikes a balance in the power supply among all the batteries. As a result, you can expect the batteries to provide better performance and lasting usage.

The Elements Required

Just like any other task, you’re required to have some items before beginning. Here we’ll provide you a shortlist of essential things you should get from the nearest hardware store before starting the task.

When you have all the items at your disposal, the work becomes swifter and takes much less time than usual!

Right Sort of Wire

The first thing you need to get is a quality wire. We’d recommend you to go for a 6-4 AWG wire which is made of copper. The reason for suggesting 4AWG is that it has a lesser resistance which improves efficiency in transferring power from one battery to the next.

We’d also suggest you vary the wires between colors. For instance, getting both red and black colored cables would be the right way to go.

A Crimping Tool

Next in the required item list is a crimping tool. Why do you need it? Well, crimping tools are usually employed to tighten up the terminal connections.

If you’re not using one, it may get challenging to secure the terminals’ connections correctly. That’s the reason we ask you to have a crimping tool beforehand.

Learn Parallel Wiring

So, you have all the elements required for the entire operation. Now, then, we’ll discuss the parallel wiring which is to be used during the action.

Remember, while connecting batteries in a parallel motion, you can join the positives terminals to positive and negatives to the negatives. It will make up a large unit of a battery while giving out a similar voltage in the end.

We’d always ask you not to bring in different voltage batteries together in one combination, which can be problematic later on.

The chief principle is you need to understand that 12V batteries must be kept in a parallel formation, and the output of the voltage would remain the same.

The Correct Way to Parallel Multiple Batteries

Now is the time for the main action. Here we’d give you a complete blueprint on how to wire the batteries in parallel.

In the image below, you’d find the batteries are being connected to external terminals. Here, there’s a simple rule you should always remember. Each wire traveling from the batteries to the external terminal should be of almost the same length.

Otherwise, the frequency of resistance would not be adequately distributed, and one battery would have more resistance than another, and the entire chain would fall.

the correct way to parallel multiple batteries

The Way You Wire Two 12Volt Battery To RV

Now we’ll get to our final point. This is one of the most used setups in RV communities.

the way you wire two 12volt battery to rv

Here in the image above, the setup is following a similar pattern. The terminals are being wired parallel with similar lengthened cables.

So, when you perform such an intelligent wiring method, you’d know that the power load is being distributed evenly in the two batteries and a balanced circuit is a result. This is by far one of the best ways you can wire two 12v RV batteries!


Can you put 2 12V batteries in series?

Doing such a thing would increase the voltage.

Are RV batteries connected in series or parallel?

As we already explained in detail. RV batteries are meant to be connected in parallel for a steady voltage. At the same time, the series connection would ramp up the voltage, which would create issues.

Should I disconnect my RV battery when plugged in?

Leaving the batteries plugged in even after they’re charged can have long-term issues. Depletion of cells’ electrolyte levels is one of them. And would finally result in low battery life.

Final Thoughts

If you had any questions regarding the entire operation, we are optimistic that all have been answered with great detail and comprehensive guidelines.

You should always connect the batteries in parallel and skip the series connection method. Ever get the tools beforehand for a quick and straightforward installation. Despite the easy nature of the task, we’d still suggest you have an experienced buddy aside while you operate.

If all the instructions are adequately followed, the work should be done without much difficulty. So, get your RV powered up with multiple batteries and go the extra mile you always wanted to go!

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