How To Remove Tire From Car: 7 Steps

“With great power comes great responsibilities” – you must have heard this Spiderman quote a thousand times already. Well, here’s a modified one for you – “With a great car comes great responsibilities”; and one of the first & foremost responsibilities is to know how to change or remove tire from your car. Moreover, the renowned brand tires are always reliable for your vehicle.

how to remove tire from car

Suppose, you’re on a long drive & got stuck in some place in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire to deal with – you can’t possibly find a mechanic there & you may have to wait for hours before someone picks you up after contact or you get a lift.

So, it’s one of the basic requirements after owning a car & a very important one as well. Here is an easy & subtle guide for you to learn how to remove tires from a car.

The First & Foremost Task of How To Remove Tire From Car

If you take care of your car often & came to notice that the tire is wearing out or not in a good condition & want to change it ASAP sitting at home, then these steps are not for you.

But if you’re on the road & have a flat tire while driving, always make sure to follow these rules first:

  • Find a safe place to pull over or park your car, preferably far away from main roads. And while doing this don’t panic & try to brake or turn quickly because that may worse things up. Brake slowly & reduce speed gradually while turning to the side of a road or a safe place.
  • Turn the hazard lights on as soon as possible.
  • Apply the parking brake when you have pulled over which prevents your vehicle from rolling.
  • Also, if your front tire needs changing, put wheel wedges behind rear tires & if it’s the rear tire that needs changing then put the wheel wedge in front of the front tire to keep the car from rolling down in any case.

Materials Needed For Remove The Tire

  • A spare tire ( of course fully inflated )
  • Jack
  • A lug wrench
  • Flashlight
  • Small plank of wood for securing the jack
  • Wheel wedges
  • Gloves
  • A mat for comfortable kneeling
  • Rain poncho
  • Tire gauge
  • Vehicle owner’s manual

The 7 Steps Of Removing Tire From Car

1. Loosening Lug Nuts

If your vehicle has a wheel cover or a hubcap, take it off. You can take it off simply with the flat part of your wrench.

After that, turn the lug nut counterclockwise with the lug wrench to loosen it. Repeat this process with each lug nut to make sure each one is loose enough.

2. Lifting Vehicle above the Ground

Place the jack under the vehicle’s frame alongside the flat tire. Don’t place the jack where it will have contact with any plastic molding. Reading the owner’s manual is one of the best ways to learn jack placement properly. Once properly placed, use the jack to raise the tire you’re changing off of the ground. Ensure the jack stays perpendicular to the ground at all times.

car lifting up

When you’re on the road, it’s preferable to place a small plank of wood under the jack before you raise your vehicle to prevent the jack from crumbling under the car’s weight & coming off balance.

3. Removing the Lug Nuts & tire

Turn the lug nuts counterclockwise until they are all very loose. Next, remove the lugs completely. Keep the lug nuts all together in a safe spot, as you’ll need them to mount the spare tire.

Securely grip your tire and pull it directly toward your body. The tire will come off easily if all the nuts are removed completely.

4. Mounting the Spare Tire on Car

Line the holes of the spare wheel with the lug nuts & mount the spare on the wheelbase. Then gently push the spare tire as far as possible until lug bolts come through the rim.

5. Tightening of Lug Nuts by Hand

Put the nuts back on the lug bolts & tighten them all the way by hand. When they are all on, check each one of them once again & tighten them as much as possible.

tight lug nuts

You will have to tighten them again with the wrench after lowering the vehicle to the ground.

6. Lowering of the Vehicle & Tightening of Nuts

Lower the vehicle to the ground with a jack so that the spare tire is resting on the ground but also make sure that the full weight of the vehicle isn’t fully on the tire.

Then, tighten the lug nuts with the wrench, turning clockwise as much as you can.  Push down on the lug wrench with as much weight as possible.

7. Complete Lowering of the Vehicle

Now bring the vehicle all the way to the ground and remove the jack. Try to give the lug nuts another pull with the wrench to make sure that they are as tight as possible.

If the hubcap you took from the flat tire fits your spare, put it in the same way you removed it. If it doesn’t, they stow it away with other equipment.

Cleaning Up

After finishing the job, stow all your equipment, the flat tire away (preferably in a toolbox). You should get the pressure of the spare tire checked in any service station as well to assess its condition.

Also, your old tire can be salvaged unless the damage is not repairable. So, don’t forget to get the tire to a mechanic afterward to check it out.

Final Words

Knowing how to remove tire from car is day-to-day knowledge if you own a car. You never know when it comes in handy & when it does it might just save a lot of time & trouble.

So, pack your spare tire & the tools every time you go out there traveling. Wish you happy & safe travels from us.

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