Learn How To Wax A Car With Electric Buffer!

Nowadays, people are facing difficulties with an electric buffer to wax a car. So, in this article, we have discussed how to wax a car with electric buffer.

how to wax a car with electric buffer

The clear coat on your fresh-from-the-factory car is a prime example of all that glitters is not gold. Sure, the gloss is a sight to see; but from the crazy outdoor driving, crammed parking, and pigeon poop, this clear coat soon becomes a dull finish.

But we don’t want a weathered-looking car! This is why waxing, or creating another thin protective layer that saves your clear coat, is important. And we will learn just how to wax your car with an electric buffer for you to get the perfect shield.

What You Need

You will need the following before you start the waxing process:

  • Liquid wax for cars
  • An electric buffer or, notably, an orbital polisher
  • A finishing pad
  • Microfiber clothing and,
  • Pressure washer

What Makes the Orbital Polisher?

The buffing process of your car doesn’t require polishing as mandatory. However, polishing makes a good middleman that not only reduces the time required to wax your car but also minimizes the heat buildup in the process.

In today’s steps, we will be working with orbital polishers or DA polishers. So what makes the best orbital polisher that is suitable for your car? The ones that have

  • Speed control and adjustability features
  • Include smart motors
  • Have load-independent pad speed
  • Are safe to use

These make sure that you get consistent results with your waxing and that your car suffers no damage in the process.

orbital polisher

The Right Time to Use Orbital Polishers

You should be using orbital polishers when you want to work quickly. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll go crazy with the polisher. Take your time to learn how to use it properly, after which it won’t take much time to finish the buffing.

Also, use it if you’re a beginner and you need two-way oscillation or spin.

Usually, cars or other vehicles with larger panels are more coherent with orbital polishers.

How to Wax a Car With Electric Buffer

The following are the steps on how to use an orbital polisher to wax your car to perfection:


When you are waxing cars, one of the absolute annoyances is watching the thing dry too quickly even before you finish applying. If you don’t want that while waxing your car, choose a shade to begin working in. A garage is more preferable to the outdoors.


Now, you will need to prepare your car for the buffing. To do this and not to cause grit and dirt to smear everywhere, wash your car with the pressure washer thoroughly. If you don’t have one, just do it with your regular detergent and water, and create suds till you’re satisfied with the squeaky clean surface. In case there’s still dirt, use clay bars. Now, wait for the car to dry.


Once the car is dry as a desert, take your buffer pad and apply the car wax of your choice. Instead of squeezing onto the center of the pad, apply small dots of it and cover the pad surface with a final, central squeeze. You can also use applicators if you’re not too good with eyeballing amounts.

Make sure that when you’re rubbing, there is always wax on the pad. If you fail here, your vehicle surface will suffer! But again, it is impossible to squeeze wax onto a rotating buffer, so do it while the buffer is shut down.

For cars of certain colors, specialized colored wax can be used that gives a flawless glide and leaves no imperfections, like using jet black wax for black cars.


Make sure you have applied wax on the vehicle. Now you can finally turn your buffer on and, in long, sweeping, gliding motions, continue to buff the surface. If you make short strokes, the ends of the line will be visible, and your car will definitely start to look bad. So make sure your strokes on the car panel are long. Go for 2-4 strokes and try to make them as even as possible. During the flow, your pressure on the buffer should be really minimal. One more time, let the car dry to a desert!


Now without damaging the paint on the car, without creating a mess, and with diligence and patience, wipe the wax off. The wax was never meant to be on that car, and now it’s time to use that microfiber cloth to work it off the car. But don’t use your wax remover to buff in circles and avoid leaving swirls. Glide and swap like before to reveal the perfectly waxed car! If you have trouble removing wax from the trim, you can use foam applicators.

Choosing the Right Wax

Like we mentioned in the materials you need, car wax is an important consideration for waxing. Although there are a lot of available options on the market, some are more suitable than the rest.

From experience, paste wax is the worst kind, so avoid buying them. At least, don’t use them with electric buffers. Always try to find either glaze or good old liquid wax.

Choosing the Right Pad

So, how should the pad be on which you intend to use the wax? To understand this, you should look at the specific utility of the pad for which it was marketed. Do not get a paint corrector pad or a cutting pad to wax your car. These are not good alternatives to the soft ads required for waxing cars. These mostly come in red, blue, or black colors and have hexagonal patterns.

Benefits of Waxing Your Car

So what do you get with a perfectly waxed car?

  • The clear coat gave the first time to your car soon damages due to the harmful ultraviolet rays. This is why you see painfully faded cars on the street. Car waxing prevents this kind of fading from sun damage.
  • Waxes increase the shine of your car paint and make it appear better!
  • With the smooth surface, these keep dirt away from sticking to your car’s body, giving you the right shield.

Final Words

So, you have learned how to wax your car with an electric buffer with the five simple steps of selection, preparation, application, buff, and remove.

Do you need to visit the mechanic? Maybe not anymore! But be sure not to do your car any damage. Other than that, keep waxing that car to perfection!

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